Nurturing the minds of future chemists, the Institute of Chemistry (IC) has Mrs. Maribel I. Menguito around to help realize its mission. She is this year's CAS Outstanding Administrative Personnel. Tita Mabs, as she is fondly called, has risen from the ranks of clerk-typist to Clerk III, administrative assistant, records officer up to her current position as administrative officer all through her 31 years’ employment in the institute.

     She serves as a bridge between the administrative personnel and the rest of the teaching staff, as well as to students of the IC’s degree programs. In spite of her heavy workload, Tita Mabs keeps her cool and calm demeanor but can light up the room with her wit and humor.

     She oversees and attends to provide general administrative support to one of the largest units in UPLB. These services, rendered to the best of her capability, extend beyond her official functions and duties, or even beyond regular working hours. When the need arises, in the absence of the personnel-in-charge perhaps, Tita Mabs can carry out a wide range of tasks –as clerk, records officer, property custodian, procurement officer, printing machine operator, and even utility worker– to ensure that vital functions are attended to. For instance, she took the initiative of devising a simplified database for IC’s records and inventories and  created all-electronic templates of regularly used administrative forms and basic papers. These help to make generating data and preparing necessary documents more efficient. All these significant contributions have improved the day-to-day operations of the institute.