The Institute of Chemistry conducted a College Chemistry Teachers Camp last August 22-24, 2012 at the Physical Sciences Building as a continuation of the Summer Camp for College Chemistry Teachers held last year.  This activity is in line with the extension program mandated to the institute by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as a National Center of Excellence in Chemistry and Chemical Education.

This was participated in by 23 college chemistry teachers fromdifferent BS Chemistry degree-granting institutions in the country namely Adventist University of the Philippines, Batangas State University, Bicol University, Cebu Normal University, Central Luzon State University, and Negros Oriental State University.

      The first day of the camp started with two plenary lectures:  “Proposed Science in Grades 11 and 12” delivered by Dr. Merle C. Tan, former Director of the National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development (NISMED), UP-Diliman and  Science Consultant and Convenor of the K to 12 Program and “The Proposed Chemistry Law: Promoting Science and Protecting the Public Interest” delivered by Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit, Professor of the Department of Chemistry and former Dean of the School of Science and Engineering at the Ateneo de Manila Universityand President of the Integrated Chemists of the Philippines. The afternoon session were laboratory exercises from the General Chemistry and Chemical Education Division (GCCED) which focused on microscale experiments on Chemical Equilibrium, Rates of Reactions and Electrolysis and  lecture from the Physical, Inorganic and Industrial Chemistry (PIICD) which focused on molecular symmetry. The first day of the camp was concluded with a fellowship dinner together with the members of the IC faculty.

     The second day also started with two plenary lectures: “Preparation of a Chemistry Laboratory Manual” delivered by Prof. Josefina L. Solivas, Associate Professor of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Division, Institute of Chemistry and “Insights on the Management and Operation of an Institute Offering a BS Chemistry Program” delivered by Dr. Milagros M. Peralta,then Director of the Institute of Chemistry. The first part of afternoon session was a laboratory exercise from the PIICD which focused on Molecular Weight Determination by Vapor Density Method. The second part is a lecture on Electrocyclic and Cycloaddition Reactions and laboratory experiments which focused on, Chromatography and Preparation of Bromine and its Use in Chemical Testsfrom the Organic Chemistry and Natural Products Division (OCNPD).

     The third day started with experiments from the Biochemistry and Agricultural Chemistry Division which focused on Purification of Lipids,Extraction of DNA Using Household Chemicals, and Software and Databases Used in Biochemistry. In the afternoon, two lectures entitled “Safety and Quality in a Laboratory” and “Teaching Modern Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Instrumentation” from the Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Division were presented.

     The camp was a fruitful experience for all of the participants as well as the organizers. It provided opportunity for both parties to share their experiences and learn from each other. It was hoped that the participants shall apply what they have learned from the camp so as to enhance their chemistry curriculum.